Commission terms!

Requesting a commission means you've read and accept these terms.

For commercial use please ask before commissioning.

Requesting a commission!

For a regular piece, provide at least one visual reference for each character.

For character design, provide at least a good physical description of your character.

If you have an idea in mind, try to consider and describe every detail you're interested in.

We'll discuss the idea and I'll propose a time estimate for the commission.

If we agree on starting the commission, the piece should be paid fully through paypal.

Commission process!

Once the commission is paid, I'll provide a sketch as soon as possible for approval.

Any changes in composition, shape or form must be requested at this stage.

Once the sketch is approved, there won't be any changes until it's finished.

When the piece is finished, colors may be adjusted, if possible.

Colors will vary for stylistic purposes, if you want exact color matches to your reference please specify.

If you didn't specify or we agreed on creative freedom, please consider that before you request any change.

Additional information!

This is not a business but an agreement to collaborate on an artistic project, so treat it as such.

On rare ocasions and only if needed, I reserve the right to reject or cancel any commission at any time.

If already paid, I will refund the total of the price minus the fees lost in transaction.

If something happens, time estimates may be extended, this will be communicated as soon as possible.

Please be nice and patient, I'll always try my best!

There's no refunds after a sketch is approved.

Suggestions and best practices!

If you want something specific, the more reference the better!

For character design, a moodboard is the best, describing the personality of a character helps a lot too.

Anything can be used for reference, pictures you've taken, images from the internet, other art, text descriptions and more!